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We offer bachelor’s and master’s programmes in four main areas of engineering. 40 professors and a large number of lecturers from industry provide practice-oriented classes enhanced by a wide range of research activities. Teaching, academic thesis work, and doctoral theses conducted in cooperation with industry support the industrial advancements and develop innovations that meet existing market needs.

A brief introduction to our four fields of study:

  • Energy and Building Services Engineering - In the context of society’s future energy needs, this field of study covers issues such as sustainable energy for buildings and the efficient use of energy on business premises, in public institutions, communities, and other facilities where energy is consumed.
  • Paper and Packaging Technology - The primary focus is on the industrial high-tech production and use of paper as well as optimised processing technology and creative product development for the packaging industry. Sustainability and energy efficiency also figure prominently in this field of study.
  • Print and Media Technology - This wide-ranging field of study includes the technologies, processes, products, and markets of the printing industry and the related media industry. The field covers not only the principles of engineering but also industry-based methods used in business administration and media design.
  • Technical Communication - An exciting multimedia career with excellent prospects! Technical writers are translators between technologies and users of interactive systems, machinery and software. They use a variety of means to create attractive descriptions of products: user friendly manuals, 3D animations, utility videos, online help and social media.

Are you interested in a programme, looking for a post as a lecturer, or interested in exploring possibilities for research cooperation with us? If so, please get in touch. I look forward to welcoming you to our department.

Professor Andreas Berchtold
Head of Department 05

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Energy and Building Services Engineering


Fields of study

Paper and Packaging Technology


Fields of study

Print and Media Technology


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Technical Writing and Technical Communication (in German only)


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